SARA LIZA BAUMANN | Researcher | Filmmaker | Creator

  • Borohawa Poster

    “Borohawa” | Grown Up Girl

    Whether you live in South America, Africa, Europe or Asia, all women undergo a natural experience that signifies their transition from childhood to adulthood. It may have different cultural significance, and women have a variety …

  • Aurora Borealis Poster

    Aurora Borealis

    The story of a few women who came together in an antique shop, with vintage clothing and point-and-shoot cameras to help one woman cope with cancer. This film explores creative methods that individuals use to …

  • frayed

    The Frayed Ends

    What do you do, when everything you thought you knew was a lie? The two parallel worlds of Marissa and Ariah are blended between “real” and “fantasy”. Marissa and Ariah are two young women who …

  • OTG Poster

    Off The Grid

    A behind the scenes look book video for the newest collection, called “Off The Grid” by Where in the World Apparel.