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“Borohawa” | Grown Up Girl

Whether you live in South America, Africa, Europe or Asia, all women undergo a natural experience that signifies their transition from childhood to adulthood. It may have different cultural significance, and women have a variety of different experiences, but menstruation is a biological event that women around the world share.

Menstruation is a cyclic period each month when a women’s body discharges blood and mucosal tissues from the non-pregnant uterus. Menstruation usually occurs once a month, but the pattern and extent of bleeding can vary from woman to woman.

The embarrassment surrounding menstruation is a universal phenomenon, found in most cultures of the world. To properly prepare girls for this event and to ease this transition there is a need to understand how they manage their menstruation and related implications despite the harsh and unfavorable environment. Setting out with the goal of increasing understanding of these questions, we traveled to a school in Mymensingh, Bangladesh to gather perspectives from adolescent girls.

Produced by Richard A. Cash with support from the RICA Foundation.

*Featured on the “Imagining Equality” campaign by the International Museum of Women and Global Fund for Women 

*Featured in GLAMOUR Magazine


  • Adolescent girls in Bangladesh want to go to school, but the lack of sanitary resources in many settings makes staying in school difficult.
  • Two friends having fun playing soccer in the school courtyard.
  • Youth gather together to play their favorite local game, carrom board.
  • A girl puts on a dance performance at the educational club.
  • A group of girls, different ages, sit and talk about the first time they heard about menstruation.
  • A young girl working hard in school.
  • Two best friends enjoying their time in school, rural Bangladesh.
  • Young girls enjoy going to school, but there are many barriers that keep them from staying in school.
  • After school, youth gather in educational clubs for study, read, dance and play music.
  • Another young girl openly describes her fears and embarrassment when it comes to menstruation.
  • A young girls describes her first experience with menstruation.
  • Barefoot soccer in Bangladesh.
  • Two friends discussing school work.
  • Adolescent girls play soccer on their breaks during school.

Directed by
Sara Liza Baumann

Produced by
Richard Cash
Sara Liza Baumann

Script | Cinematography | Editing by
Sara Liza Baumann


Research Assistant
Dilruba Akhter

Shimul Khan

Joyce Nabalisa

Special Thanks
BRAC Education Programme
Kishori Club, Mymensingh
RICA Foundation

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