Collaborative Filmmaking

Collaborative Filmmaking in Far-West Nepal

Collaborative filmmaking is an arts-based, participatory research method that presents a unique opportunity for generating scientific knowledge. The method engages youth filmmakers as collaborators, from the initial generation of ideas to answer the research question, …

The Cycle Series

Cycle Series

Using the power of visual methods and the art of storytelling, the Cycle Series engages the Pittsburgh community in vital action-oriented conversations about menstruation as a critical health and gender equity issue. The Cycle Series of …

Beats and Moves

Beats & Moves

An exploration of beats, sound and movement through Vertov’s society-style editing. This piece captures fragments of reality from wandering through the streets of Penang, Malaysia. These fragments are woven together to reveal a different type …

Zero hunger in far-west Nepal

Zero Hunger in Far-West Nepal

In a two-day design competition organized by the World Food Programme in Nepal 152 students from ten different schools reflected on the meaning of “zero hunger” in their villages. On the first day, professional artists taught …

let's go home

Let’s Go. Home

These are my people. This is my home. A sweet travel log. Northern Michigan, USA


Where in the World Apparel // Sri Lanka Collection

A visual lookbook for Where in the World Apparel’s Sri Lanka Collection.

Borohawa Poster

“Borohawa” | Grown Up Girl

Whether you live in South America, Africa, Europe or Asia, all women undergo a natural experience that signifies their transition from childhood to adulthood. It may have different cultural significance, and women have a variety …

Aurora Borealis Poster

Aurora Borealis

The story of a few women who came together in an antique shop, with vintage clothing and point-and-shoot cameras to help one woman cope with cancer. This film explores creative methods that individuals use to …


The Frayed Ends

What do you do, when everything you thought you knew was a lie? The two parallel worlds of Marissa and Ariah are blended between “real” and “fantasy”. Marissa and Ariah are two young women who …

OTG Poster

Off The Grid

A behind the scenes look book video for the newest collection, called “Off The Grid” by Where in the World Apparel.