Cycle Series

Cycle Series

Cycle Series was created to explore a myriad of menstrual experiences from a public health perspective. This film explores homeless menstrual experiences – what it is like to have your period while experiencing homelessness, the unique challenges that individuals face, as well as ideas for what we can do to improve menstrual experiences. The goal of the Cycle Series film series is to develop a stronger, nuanced understanding of menstruation by listening to individual narratives, from those who have experienced challenges around menstruation first had. We also created the series to have a format that is easy to share and encourages discussion about menstrual experiences that are often overlooked. Often times when we think about menstruation, a certain type of woman comes to mind; however, as these films reveal, experiences of menstruation are nuanced and complex. These films aim to start the discussion of how different communities cope with menstruation, and how we can consider their unique needs in future public health research and interventions.

More videos on menstrual experiences coming soon.

  • Cycle Series
  • Cycle Series

Written, Produced & Directed by
Sara Liza Baumann

Tamara Whiting
Allison Victory

Music by
Jetty Rae

In collaboration with

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