Aurora Borealis Poster

Aurora Borealis

The story of a few women who came together in an antique shop, with vintage clothing and point-and-shoot cameras to help one woman cope with cancer. This film explores creative methods that individuals use to cope with illness, and shine bright.

  • Martina shows off a handmade vintage Mexican gown at "Chestnuts" antique store in Suttons Bay, Michigan.
  • Martina enjoying time with her grand children.
  • Martina's close friends, Marley and Rocky, trying on vintage wigs and hats.
  • Martina and her husband Jimmy model vintage clothes outside their home in Traverse City, Michigan.
  • Martina models a vintage red dress in front of their vintage car. One of Marina's many dogs is included here.
  • Martina and her best friends would plan outings for their modeling hobby. They stayed a a friend's cabin on Lake Michigan for this shoot.
  • Martina's close friend, Rocky, is the photographer behind Marina's modeling shots.
  • Martina models a vintage wedding gown and hat with her husband on their property in Traverse City, Michigan.
  • Martina shows me a photograph of her mother on her wedding day in Germany.
  • Aurora Borealis Poster

Written, Directed & Produced by
Sara Liza Baumann

Martina Worden
Roxanne Perry
Marley Ann Navin
James Davis
Charlene M. Verschaeve
Heather D. Worden
Sara Robinson

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