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Enhancing Life & Livelihoods | Bangladesh Series

Save the Children & PEPSICO are working in Southern Bangladesh, implementing a program called “Enhancing Life and Livelihoods”. This series takes viewers through a number of different innovative interventions that are improving lives in Barishal, Bangladesh. See the “videos” section for the rest of the videos in this series on topics such as the role of vegetable aggregators, “plumpy nut” for malnourished children, the role of community health workers, community-based management of childhood illness and how simple power tillers can help rural farmers.

  • Young girl, rural Bangladesh.
  • The wife and daughter of a power tiller beneficiary.
  • A mother brings her newborn baby to the project health care worker for a checkup.
  • Project staff teaching a mother how to properly wash her hands.
  • Project staff measuring the MUAC of a young malnourished boy.
  • Women gather in the courtyard near their homes to discuss nutrition with project staff.
  • Children in the village significantly benefit from different aspects of the program.
  • A young boy enjoying time with friends after school.
  • Two young girls enjoy playing with other children after school.
  • A young boy waits for his mother outside their village home.
  • A mother feeds her child "plumpy nut" to battle malnutrition.
  • Young children in the village often help their families in the green paddy fields.
  • The granddaughter of a holga mat maker benefits because her grandmother now pays for her to go to school.
  • Children in the village benefit because their families have additional income to send them to school.
  • Piara walks to the local market daily to sell vegetables on behalf of farmers in her village.
  • The daughter and granddaughter of a beneficiary are also benefitting from the project.
  • Save the children poster

Directed | Produced | Edited by
Sara Liza Baumann

Cinematography by
Elizabeth D. Herman

Animation by
Sah Danny

Translation by
Shimul Khan

Special Thanks to
Save the Children USA, Bangladesh

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