Forget me not poster

Forget Me Not by Jetty Rae | Music Video

Music video for Jetty Rae’s, “Forget me not” off her EP entitled, Nobody.

Shot entirely on location in Traverse City, Michigan

  • Jetty Rae at the Traverse City Opera House
  • Jetty Rae performs in Dorothy Jean's.
  • Jetty Rae sings in the store window of Dorothy Jean's.
  • Emotional Jetty Rae on set.
  • Jetty Rae connects with young fan, Hope.
  • Jetty Rae - Crossroads
  • Jetty Rae Performing at Traverse City Opera House
  • Vintage microphone and beautiful lighting on stage
  • Jetty Rae performs on stage at the Traverse City Opera House
  • Jetty Rae performs in her music video, Forget Me Not
  • Jetty Rae at Dorothy Jean's
  • Jetty Rae at Dorothy Jean's
  • Antiques, Wilson's Downtown Traverse City
  • Old Photographs, Winson's Antiques
  • Jetty Rae at Grand Traverse Commons
  • Jetty Rae at Dorothy Jean's Traverse City

Directed by
Sara Liza Baumann

Cinematography by
Dan Stewart

Music by
Jetty Rae

Jetty Rae

Appearances by
Hope Cassio
Kathleen Whittaker

Hair by
Jenna Van Loo

Production Assistants
Jason Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart

Spacial Thanks to
Dorothy Jean Antiques & Collectables
Wilson's Antiques
Bella Ruse
Traverse City Opera House
Andy Wakeman Photography
Dan Stewart Photography
Solid Sound, Ann Arbor
Baumann Catering
Phyllis Pidek

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