Gasoline Move Poster

Gasoline | A Toxic Love

Two strangers meet in a land outside of their own. They fall in love with even the things they do not understand about each other. The world at large believes this kind of love to be toxic and unsustainable, but Mata and Honza have bigger problems. They have been contaminated by a feeling, a thought, a magnetic force of attraction that no one can explain. Now the least of their worries is societal judgement- they must figure out how to rid themselves of this chemical that does not wash away.

What do you do with a toxic love?

Language: Czech

Shot on location in Prague, Czech Republic.

Theme song “Gasoline” written and performed by Amy Kuney.

  • Gasoline Rainbows. Photo by Scott Tompkins.
  • Prague by night.
  • Downtown Prague on shoot for Gasoline.
  • Mata expresses her thoughts on a toxic love.
  • Prague by night.
  • Church, Prague Czech Republic
  • Jewish Cemetery, Prague Czech Republic
  • Mata, in Gasoline
  • Gasoline Move Poster

Directed & Produced by
Sara Liza Baumann

Maru Klusackova
Honza Klusacek

Music by
Amy Kuney

Animation | Editing | Color by
Sara Liza Baumann

Produced by
Old Fan Films

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