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“Botomul” | Bad Apples

Imagine what could happen to the world’s poor, if they were given an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty? Would they take it? And would it be successful? In a remote village in rural Bangladesh, at the “birth place” of micro finance, two families take on this opportunity that changes their lives in ways unexpected.

  • Sultana works hard to make a life for her family.
  • A view of life in the brick factory.
  • Sultana's hard work pays off.
  • Nurnabi enjoying being a kid with his friends from school.
  • The "big tree" or "botomul" is the center of the film. Under this tree is where decisions are made that inevitably change the lives of people living in the village.
  • Nurnabi learns how to write in English- the dream he always had.
  • Sultana and her husband often disagree on how they should spend their money.
  • The women of the village gather together to discuss Hamida's daughters marriage.
  • Hamida only wants the best for her daughter, but struggles to give her what she needs.
  • Sultana's thriving business.
  • Suntana wonders how she is going to make ends meet.
  • Sultana wonders what the future has in store, as she struggles more each and every day.
  • Botomul poster

Written & Directed by
Sara Liza Baumann

Produced by
Ahad Mohammad Bhai
Muraly Srinarayanathas

Director of Photography
Ashique Apu

Shahin Akter Swarna
Rokeya Prachi
Shaju Mehedi
Mohin Bacchu
Richita Nondine Shimu

Also featuring
Refat Chuwdhury
Ahad Mohammad Bhai
Afsana Kamal Srithi

Assistant Director
John Naser Rahman

Art Director

Costume Designer
Samiun Jahan Dola


2nd Assistant Director
Talimul Bahar

3rd Assistant Director
Sohel Roy

Film Coordinator
Sahil Khan

Production Executive
Sheikh Anik

Stills by
Shiper Hasanuzzaman

Music by

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